Intents list



Google Now Text Search – Search with Google Now get results
Google Now Voice Search – Open Google Now starting a voice search
Google Now Music Search – Open Google Now starting music search
Google Weather – Open the Google Weather page
Google Translate – Translate text. Language codes here


Google+ Search – Search Google+
Google+ Image Search – Search images on G+
Google+ People Tab – Open Google+ on people tab.
Google+ Communities Tab – Open Google+ on communities tab.
Google+ Events Tab – Open Google+ on events tab.
Google+ Own Profile Tab – Open Google+ on the own profile tab.

Google Maps

Navigate to– Launch navigation with Maps
Search address– Search with an address and open Maps
Search around a point– Search something around a point, for example a restorurant
Search by category– Search some type of shops around your current position
Search position– Search for a position
Show map with a point– Show map with a point
Street view– Show street view using point in latitude and longitude

Google Play Music

Search and play artist– Plays an album depending with a query
Search and play song– Plays a song with a query
Search and play album– Plays a full album from start to finish using a query
Google Play Music search and play
Search and play playlist– Plays a playlist with a query

Google Play Store

Open my apps– Open the play store on the my apps page

Google Calendar

View today calendar– Open the calendar for today
View calendar event by id– Open the calendar for a specific event
Edit calendar event by id– Edit the calendar for a specific event
Insert a new calendar event– Insert a new calendar event


Start – Starts Twilight
Stop – Stops Twilight
Update – Updates Twilight
Refresh – Refreshes Twilight
Preview – Previes Twilight in timelapse mode
Next Profile – Activates next profile
Toggle – Toggles Twilight

Sleep as Android

Start Sleep Tracking
Stop Sleep Tracking
Start Lullaby
Stop Lullaby
Change Alarm – Enable or disable an alarm by referencing to a Sleep as Android Alarm label


Begin Fast Forward
End Fast Forward
Begin Rewind
End Rewind
Stop Service
Next In Category
Previous In Category


Create a note in Evernote
Create a voice note in Evernote
View a note in Evernote


Shazam – Start song recognition in Shazam


SoundHound – Start song recognition in SoundHound


IMDB Movies Showing – Open the IMDB app on the movies showing page IMDB Events – Open the IMDB app on the events page


Open File – Open local file: set file path in the Data field
Search and Play Media – Search for media on your phone and immediately start playing it.
Open Contact – Open contact based on a contact id
Search Netflix – Searches the Netflix app
Uninstall app
Share text with chooser – Share some text using a chooser menu
Share file with chooser – Share a file using a chooser menu
Open Google Keep Note/List – Open any existing Keep note or list with the given ID. To get the ID, visit the note in the web version of Keep and get the number after #NOTE/ or #LIST/


Pick Image
Pick Contact – Use ContactsTask to retrieve information


Edit Image
Open Image